Chris Summerill is a being of pure rock'n roll energy from Aberdare in South Wales. Chris started off playing on his own armed only with an acoustic guitar; the only doctrine he followed was play anywhere. He has certainly done that, as well as playing all the usual and unusual pubs, clubs, bars, charity do's and festivals he's also played front rooms, shops, college auditoriums, a couple of Greek taverna's, a yacht, a library, an old people's home, a prison and even the summit of Mount Snowdon.

To truly appreciate the repertoire of Chris Summerill he must be seen live, there are no two ways about it. Chris provides one of the highest energy shows today and whether it's a 15 minute acoustic support slot or a three-hour-flat-out-full-band-electric-extravaganza you will definitely feel like you have witnessed something special. These shows can be incredibly diverse too, not a man to be limited by genre, Chris has been known to play rock, pop, soul, folk, jazz and just about anything else and still somehow blend it coherently into a set. As a testimony to his stagecraft Chris has shared the stage with artist such as Bad Manners, The Racing Cars, Dr Feelgood, The Automatic, Killing For Company and Mike Peters.

In May 2008 Chris released his debut single 'Under The Sun' on his own record label, Summertime Records. The single was a huge hit with fans and critics alike, receiving airplay on local and national radio and being sold online to places as far flung as America and Peru. In November that same year Chris released his first album, One By One. Continuing in the same trend, 'One By One' excited the already whet appetites of the public and press and has received extensive airplay on BBC and independent radio and has sold well both in Britain and America.

Chris is also an independent producer and sound engineer and is credited as such not only on his own material, but for other artists too even co-producing The Racing Cars final Album Second wind. Known for his organic recording process and love of real instruments and vocal harmonies these factors combine to produce rich warm recordings, reminiscent of the days when albums where recorded on tape and studio equipment glowed with valve warmth.

It's not surprising then that Chris plays a variety of different instruments to complement these recordings and expand his live repertoire. As well as his main instruments of vocals and guitar Chris has also been seen on stage and in the studio playing (among others), bass, drums, piano, trumpet trombone, harmonica, pump organ, Hammond organ, accordion, Hawaiian lapsteel, Autoharp, Ukeulele and is almost never separated from his beloved mandolin, with which he often collaborates with other artists, such as the aforementioned Snowdon gig with Mike Peters.

So if you care about great songs being played well, a high energy show and the opportunity to have some fun along the way, you owe it to yourself to go see Chris Summerill in concert. You won't regret it.

Chris Summerill - Under the Sun - EP